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  The Future Picture--Part II. In order to have high resolution, a good Future Picture must have manageable components. In the Prometheus Process, these are called Key Descriptors; the components of the Future Picture which facilitate creation of a genuinely high resolution view of the future to be created. How To Videos 1. Strategic Context: It is very important that a group understands for what it is developing strategy. This video shows how to use the Strategic Context template to show a clear definition of the project and to determine the timeline for the project—the Future Picture Horizon. (10 minutes) 2. Breakout Room Setup: The Future Picture has twelve Key Descriptors which are best worked simultaneously. This video describes how to arrange the Key Descriptor templates to make it easy for a group to work on them all at the same time. (4 minutes) 3. Future Picture Desired Effects: Every strategy development exercise should have clearly stated and understood objectives and rules. This video specifically discusses Desired Effects for the Future Picture but the procedure is the same for all the other strategy development efforts. (4 minutes) 4. Future Picture Key Descriptors: This video describes how to use PostIt Notes (stickies) to capture ideas for a representative Key Descriptor and how to convert the stickies into Key Descriptor statements. (9 minutes) Downloadable Templates 1. Strategic Context 2. Desired Effects 3. Twelve Key Descriptors

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