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  Forward Look: Despite lacking reliable crystal balls, we need as much insight into the future as possible. A good approach is to think of the events that might take place in the external world that would create problems if they were to occur. Once events are identified, we assess their impact if they were to occur, their probability of occurrence, and the times when they might take place. We can then start working on mitigation or preemption plans to deal with the most problematic of the events. How To Video Forward Look Exercise: Describes how to come up with events that might occur in different segments of your external and internal systems, how to rate these events in terms of their impact and probability of occurrence, and how to estimate when they might happen. With this done, we can get an idea of possible high danger areas and can begin mitigation and preemption planning. Downloadable Templates Forward Look Set which includes Instructions, Magnitude Calibration Chart, External and Internal Event Templates with Magnitude and Probability Scales, and External and Internal Time of Occurrence Templates with Impact Score and Time Scales

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